Game server hosting made EASY

Blazing Fast Servers — FREE Branding Removal — What are you waiting for?

Gain the full control!

Why would you invest in having your own server, and then not be able to configure and edit it, in the ways that you prefer? Thats why we are here! We offer a full FTP access which means that you will be able to configure your own server and game, with a simple-to-use beautiful graphical interface system.

DDoS protection

By any means we think tht everybody will agree with us when saying that lag is the worst possible thing possible for gamers. With us exclusively using powerful Xeon Processors and SSD's we can assure you that your server will run not just well, but smooth. When a player encounters a smoothly running server, they mostly wont leave for the time being. We also include DDoS protection for free which contains 1Gbps connection. This will make you all set and able to say: bye, hackers!

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Cutting edge security

We assure that every personal information or such will be encrypted and secured using our well-working top security technologies. We will be monitoring in order to help and update the system so that you don’t have to. In case of you being lazy. So don’t worry! We are here to help and make your server and experience better!

Direct database access

The server data is yours, of course. So why not just have directly access it? That’s what we offer. We will make sure that you have Direct database access included and installed for free, when you pay for your server.

Powerful Game Panel

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Easy Configuration

Our panel offers an easy way to change your config files. You can change almost everything directly from our panel. No more need to dig around in config files!

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Local Backup

Progress in a game world can take a long time. To make sure you don't lose it, we offer a free local backup of your game server!