Standard Features

Easy Control Panel

We are running a fork of pterodactyl game panel, we call bird panel. Bird panel is the game server management panel designed with security and ease of use in mind.

SQL Database

Your data is yours, so why should you not be able to access it directly? WE can do even better: we make sure it is included for free and setup securily out of the box for all of your game servers.

DDos Protection

Nothing is worse than lag or downright downtime. We only use super powerful Xeon Processors and SSDs to ensure your server is so smooth your players will never want to leave. Ddos protection is also included for free with a 1Gbps connection.

Full FTP Access

We offer full FTP access to configure your server and game with a beautiful graphical interface.


One of the many popular custom features we have that distinguishes bird panel is EzConfig, which is a way for you to take FULL control over you game server configuration file.

No branding

We think its bull*** that companies force branding onto the rented servers and make you pay a fee to remove it. So when you rent a server from us - you will be in total control of the server name!

No Hidden Fees

A lot of companies have hidden fees lurking and before you looked around you have paid a lot more than intended. We believe in transparent pricing meaning that the price you see is the price you pay.

Instant Server Setup

All of our systems are automatic and will instantly start installation of your game server once purchased