New server and Gamepanel

Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Server

The current server needs upgrading and I'm in the process of doing just that. Today I bought a new one located in Poland that will take over the old one in Frankfurt. I can see most of you guys are from the eastern part of Europe so this should be a win for you. If you are unhappy with this please write a support ticket to me so we can figure something out.  I'm currently still working on the server getting everything ready with a new control panel.

New Control Panel

I am not happy with the current state of the control panel I have running. It lacks features that should be standard. That's why I made the decision to go with GSP-Panel. This should give me and you, new features to play around with.

New Features:

  • Local Backup
  • Easier edit of config files.
  • Easier update of game server
  • Prettier design 

This is still in the works and more info will follow before the switch goes live 

Mark F.

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